Soldier Kissing Pillows

Lone Star is proud to be participating in the Soldier Kissing Pillow project designed and copyrighted by Geraldine Trappey in 2005. The small hand-stitched 4" X 4" patriotic pillow was designed to be used as a keepsake for the US military departing for service and their families left behind.

The lightly stuffed pillows have a cross-stitched heart outline, the words "I love you," and two red, white and blue stars within the heart, and are backed with washable fabrics in patriotic designs. Each pillow is presented in a plastic bag with a note explaining the purpose of the tiny pillow and expressing our gratitude for their service.

The Soldier kisses the pillow and gives one to each of his/her loved ones to hold onto until he/she returns from war. When this project began, it was initially intended for the children, but the wives and sweethearts requested them too, and then, the Soldiers wanted one with everyone's kisses on it to take with him/her.

The response has been overwhelming. A very special project designed to express our gratitude for the sacrifices of our servicemen and women and their families has more than filled our expectations and has mushroomed into something that touches the hearts of everyone.

The Embroiderers' Guild of America, the American Needlepoint Guild, Quilters' Guild, Mothers of Marines, Church groups, Cyberstitchers, Cross-Stitch groups, various needlework shops, and hundreds of individuals have joined in the hand-stitching of these small pillows with the goal to stitch for every military unit deploying across the United States. Also stitching for our American soldiers are stitchers in Italy, the United Kingdom, and Scotland.

Lone Star members participate in all phases of this project from stitching, sewing them into the 4" pillows, stuffing, blind-stitching closed, and packaging.

Free kits are available at every meeting and upon request. For more information or to participate, please contact Geraldine Trappey, Lone Star Soldier Kissing Pillows Chairman at